Roofs and Rafter cut

Here are some quick tips on roofs and rafter tails you might find useful…

These are some of the options you will have when you draw roofs by FOOTPRINT and use PICK WALL option. (Note that some of these are NOT available if you use a different method to build your roof):

1- Rafter or Truss: Revit will allow you to pick if the assembly you are modeling is going to be a rafter or truss and based on that, it will be placed accordingly:

Truss sits on roof level at top of plate

And Rafter sits at the interior edge of the stud (Wall Core)

There are some great features here to use, you can define the Cutoff Level and Cutoff Offset and Base Offset from Level to create Rafter tails:



2- Rafter Cuts: There are three options,

a) Plumb Cut

b) Two Cut – Plumb: This will allow you to also define Fascia Depth

c) Two Cut – Square: also gives you Fascia Depth option

If your Fascia Depth is selected to be same (or more) than your roof assembly depth, then you’ll get a perfect square. (In this example, the Basic roof has 8” thickness, and the Fascia Depth is assigned to be at 9”)