Sloping Building Pad

Creating a building pad for your project is a great feature in Revit.

Ummm… But not all buildings are built flat!

In case you are not aware of this, if you have an on-grade sloping floor, you can give your building pad a slope. This is how:

1- Select your Pad. Click on Edit Boundary.

(Try to break down your building pad, create a separate one for the flat area, and a different one for where there is a slope)

2- Under Edit Boundary, click on Slope Arrow

3- Specify the Slope and input your slope. Slopes are defined in x”/12” format.

Mini Tip: if you want to input 5% slope you can simply enter “ =5/100” (it is important to include the equal sign to identify that you are inputting an equation.)

4- Add a minus to change the direction of your slope.

5 – there you go! Enjoy!