Large Name, Small Space!

I am sure you have come across a small room with a large name that doesn’t fit perfectly:

Most people resolve this by hitting the space bar bunch of time to get it work:

This works fine, except for it will mess you up in some other part of the project, like schedules:

So, Here is a better way:

When you need a break in the name, use “Ctrl+Enter” (the name will include “…” indicating there are more to the name on the next line)

It will also look much better in the schedule:


Modifying Elevation to Match Civil drawing units (decimal feet)

Our Client is used to see floor heights in decimal feet (similar to Civil drawings) – In case you have similar request, This is how you can change project levels to decimal feet and leave all other dimensions untouched…

Step 1: Find your Level Head Family:

Step 2: Find the “Symbol” used in the family

Step 3: Locate The symbol under Families>Annotation Symbols. Right click to edit:

Step 4: in the family edit window, edit Label > Elevation. Click on Elevation, little tiny bity edit icon appears…click there to format your elevation label.

Step 5: Enjoy!


Grids in linked files

There was a question about linking units into the building file and ending up with two sets of grids, and wanting to hide grids for all linked files globally and all at once. Coincidently, I came across an article (See below) on ways to work with “worksets” in a more effective way, and one thing they suggested, solved exactly the concern noted above. Hope this helps

Read the whole article here: