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Off-Center Prints

When printing a sheet to PDF or to a printer, it is important to select the proper options in print dialog box. Revit “printing area” is not well-defined and based on your setting you may get different output even if you have selected a correct sheet size for your print. Time to time, you may find sheets that are printed off-center.

Let’s discuss how we can solve these issues.

When in Print window, Select your Printer and then go to “Setup…”

In “Print Setup”, Select your “Paper Size” and set your “Zoom” to 100%.

You may have some pre-set sheet size as quick setting you can choose.

Our main focus is going to be on the “Paper Placement” section, shown above in yellow.

Under “Paper Placement” we have two options:

Option 1: CENTER:

This option should work perfectly if you have no other information floating on the side of the sheet. However, if you have notes, views, or on the side, using this setting forces printer the find the center of everything you have on the sheet. This could cause an off-centered print.

Let’s say you have a sheet that looks like this:

Notice that with “Center” option selected, the print area (shown in red) can change from sheet to sheet based on the location of other texts or views placed on that sheet. Imagine a rectangle that extends enough to contain every part of the drawing, this is your Drawing Area (shown in blue)

OPTION 2: Offset From Center:
Second option for “paper Placement” is “Offset from Corner”. Set that to “No Margin”. This is often the best option (especially if you are printing several sheets at once).

This is how it works:

First thing to understand is that the “Corner” is the lower left edge of your Drawing Area. So if the corner of your drawing area happen to also be the corner of your title block, then everything would print perfectly.

To Achieve this, the simple rule is to avoid placing anything on the left or bottom of your title block as that will make your drawing area extend beyond the desired corner and could cause off-center print.
This should be discussed and communicated amongst your teammates so everyone can still keep items they may need in the future on the side (top and right side of your title block are safe places to store things)

Below, you can see how the print area (shown in Red) can change if there are other views placed in a way that they go below or to the left of the title block:

So to recap, Set your print option to:

And always remember this:


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