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One-Click Dimensioning

When selecting the “dimension” tool, Revit offers few options on ways you can dimension the walls.

– Wall Center
– Wall faces
– Center of Core
– Faces of core

This will force Revit to pick the selected option as the first choice for dimensioning, while you can still hit “tab” to go through other layers of the wall to dimension.

Dimension tool in Revit is set as default to dimension “Individual References”, meaning user needs to click the two points or more to get the dimension in between.

But there is also a second option that allows users to dimension the “Entire wall” with any doors, windows, intersecting walls, or even grids along the way by only one click on that wall.

Select the “option” tab and check to include the dimension reference:

Now let’s take a look at different dimensions each of these options will get you when dimensioning the “Entire Wall”.

(Examples below are with “Face of Core” preference selected, and one simple click on the vertical wall)

Openings, Centers:

Openings, Widths:

Intersecting Walls:

Intersecting Grids:

And, of course, any combination of these, for example:

Openings: Centers & Intersection Grids:

If you uncheck all the options and don’t select any openings, or grids or intersecting walls, all you’ll get it the overall width of the wall:

Disclaimer: Check with your Project Manager and follow office standards prior to using this feature!


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