Dimension Line Snap Distance

There are times you wish to create a dimension string and snap it at a specific distance from your building or object. If you have multiple strings, it’s easy to have them snap at a specific “Dimension Line Snap Distance” from one another, by assigning the distance needed in the Type Property of your dimensions (See below)

But How do we assign the desired distance for the FIRST set of dimension string?

Well, here is the trick: dimension’s tick marks can snap to reference line, so we can draw a reference plane at a desired distance from your building:

Then use ALIGN (AL) tool to snap and align your dimensions’ Tick Mark with this reference line. (Not the dimension line itself, but the actual Tick Mark).

You can also do this by selecting your dimension string and use these tick marks as grab point to move and drag to snap to the reference lines.

The Reference lines you have created can stay in the project since they do not get printed, or get deleted to avoid clutter.

Give this trick a try next time you come across this problem!


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