Revit Tiny Tip: Small Moves


I am sure you too have come across a situation where an object or element in your drawing is slightly out of place. You want to move it into place, but you get an error saying: “Element is too small on screen” and cannot move your object.

Some users may move the object way out to one direction, and then bring it back in to snap to where they wanted to move it originally, some others may use the align tool, but that may not always be applicable or as precise as you want it to be. Here is one more option:

First,  Make a note of the distance you need to move the object or element,

Then move your cursor out as if you are planning to place the object further away, But DO NOT CLICK to finalize the move, instead TYPE IN that tiny dimension you initially wanted to move the element.
And that’s all there is to it!





See a quick video here:

Small Moves


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