Let’s Join together

Nothing gives me a better “Revit High” (trademark pending!) than when I see walls and floors and ceilings are all modeled and joined together perfectly.

This is a simple and quick process to make your sections (3D or 2D) look great.

Normally, when drawing your multi-story walls, they run right through your floors and overlap.

Using “Join” command allows you to click the two elements you want to join and it will create a clean transition between the material layers:

The hierarchy of which material should cut the other one and which two should join clean (wrap) is defined in the structure of your walls and floors and ceilings. (Maybe a lesson for the future.)

Generally, Revit join option cuts the wall structure by the floor structure. This works for most conditions, but not all.

Here is an example where our “2-HR wall” (shown with the darker hatch) needs to go continuously to the roof of the building.

The good news is that Join drop-down menu has a “Switch Join Order” option that does exactly that!

Simply click the option and click the two elements you wish to join (cut) differently.



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